Siddha Live-In Series

To make a difference in the cultural scene of Kolkata, Siddha Group started the Siddha Live-In Series in 2011.


Siddha Live-In Park
Music programmes organised in public parks with the support of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Siddha Live-In School
LIVE interactive in-school music sessions.

Siddha Live-In Dignity
Music programmes at old age homes and schools for the visually impaired.

Siddha Live-In Complex
Musical evenings in housing complexes in and around the city.

Siddha Live-In Youth
Features musicians from India and overseas via a concert a month, promoting all genres of Indian music.

Siddha Live-In Conversation
Showcasing music maestros from India and neighbouring countries. These monthly concerts promote Hindustani, Carnatic, Folk and Modern Indian music.

Siddha Live-In Concert
Melds renowned fusion and global music artistes. An inimitable combination that allows appreciation
and knowledge building.

Siddha Live-In Cafe
Soft acoustic and unplugged music. A platform to showcase upcoming talent in the city.

Siddha Live-In Nightclub
Meant for youth who frequent pubs and nightclubs. Genres in focus: rock, pop, modern jazz, hip hop, metal.

Siddha Live-In Studio
Sessions where solo musicians and bands play live music in a studio.

Siddha Live-In Art
An interactive series of workshops with great artists. Promotes contemporary art and aesthetic awareness among the participants.

Siddha Live-In Cinema
Documentaries on music geniuses and auteurs of India and beyond.

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