The unique strength of Siddha Group lies in being an Equal Opportunity Company with qualified, in-house professionals in charge of specialised activity arenas ranging from planning, R&D, sales & marketing, engineering, construction, quality control, law & finance along with apposite customer service.

Chief Mentor

  • murari_lal_diwan

    Murari Lal Diwan


  • chandra-prakash-jain

    Mr Chandra Prakash Jain,
    Group Chairman
  • sanjoy-jain

    Mr Sanjay Jain,
    Group Managing Director
  • Samyak-Jain

    Samyak Jain
  • Aayushman-Jain

    Aayushman Jain,


  • sddharth-sethia

    Mr Siddharth Sethia
  • Vijay Diwan

    Vijay Diwan
  • Aditya Diwan

    Aditya Diwan

Professional Staff

    • Archana-Malhotra

      Archana Malhotra,
      Advisor to Managing Director, Operations 17 years in operations management and business analytics
    • Ashok-Jain

      Ashok Jain,
      Advisor to Managing Director, Finance 30 years in infrastructure
    • Basant-Periwal

      Basant Periwal,
      Associate Vice President,Finance 22 years in accounts and finance
    • Arvind-Ganeriwala

      Arvind Ganeriwala,
      Chief Operating Officer 30 years in real estate
    • BP-Singh-Roy

      BP Singh Roy,
      Advisor to Managing Director, Sales & Marketing 22 years in real estate and home finance
    • Ashim-Ranjan-Ghatak

      Ashim Ranjan Ghatak,
      Chief Project Manager 42 years in realty and infrastructure
    • Nishi-Kanta-Basak

      Nishi Kanta Basak,
      Chief Technical Adviser 40 years in realty sector
    • Ashish-Ganeriwala

      Ashish Ganeriwala,
      Head, marketing & Communications 25 years in marketing communication
  • Ram-Singh-Gurjer

    Ram Singh Gurjer,
    Deputy General Manager, Commercial, Jaipur 24 years in finance, accounts, HR, company secretarial, purchase and sales
  • Subesh-Ray

    Subesh Ray,
    Head, Customer care 25 years in realty sector
  • Tarun-Kumar-Chakraborti

    Tarun Kumar Chakraborti,
    General Manager,Compliance 25 years specialising in law and compliance

In addition to its in-house strengths, Siddha Group enjoys excellent networking with Partners of repute in all aspects of its operations.

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