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4 Latest Interior Decoration Trends for 2017

Buying the home of one’s dreams is a wish which every individual nurtures in the corner of their mind.  And if it’s anything like a swanky new apartment with a swimming pool within the compound and a garden of orchids on the rooftop, then there are very few words which can describe the ecstasy which is felt. But leaving all external embellishments aside, one’s primary attention needs to be focussed on the inner sanctum of one’s home. To say it in simpler terms, while buying a home (and especially if it’s an apartment) it’s important to consult a worthy interior decoration agency, in order to shape your home in a way which is at par with your personal tastes. That is to say, you should choose a style which would compliment your living space and reflect your personality with style. And while it must give your home the look of a ‘comfort nest’, it should also be up-to-date with and inclusive of all the latest styles and trends which are taking the market by storm. Below is a list of all those interior decoration style trends which are going to be big in the upcoming year.

  1. The Pastel-Hued Look
    The look and feel of this has an organic effect. A mixture of brusque, masculine starkness with the softness and curves of femininity, it reminds one of the Earth and its bountifulness. A lot of things about this design are seen to incorporate shadows and silhouettes to create an earthy, yet classy look. It is sober and gracious, opening its arms to invite you in with an old-world air of hospitality.
  2. The ‘Mixed Metals’ Effect
    Usually, the creative scene in the interior decoration industry has been dominated by brass and gold as far as metallic hues are concerned. But right now, white plaster is entering the mix and in a big way. This is especially true, when it comes to light plasters. Substitution of plaster with plaster-used resin might raise a few questions regarding durability, but the effect they present is simply stunning. Silver and polished nickel hues are also back into the fray of popular choices.
  3. A Tantalising Blend of Modern and Traditional
    This has a lot of ‘arty’ feels in it. If you have a good imagination, you could add a slight touch of Mughal or Rajput finery to the decorations or furnishings. Stone walls with multi-hued pattern work and old-world chessboard floorings, would ramp up the nostalgia factor for people who were originally residents of North Kolkata. Marble-top mini-tables would add a nice touch to the entire set-up.

    You could opt for fool-proof fabric to go with this style. Fabric which has been manufactured to resist stains can definitely add a dash of colour, style, class and elegance to the interiors of a home. Not only should you get a living space which is spacious and made to suit your tastes, but you should also be able to convey the impression of possessing class to any visitors you might be having. Aside from stain-proof and tear-resistant cloth, there are amazing textile innovations in the market which make stuffs made of polyester look and feel like velvet.

  4. Natural Texture: Doing it the Natural Way
    Natural looks in an apartment never fail to sway and slay. The wallpaper could be of varying styles and textures that resemble a more natural component: cane, bricks, mud, rattan, stone chips etc. And of course, a wooden-style wall and flooring would totally envelop any visitor with a feeling of awe; such is the spellbinding effect of wood as a choice of texture for interior decoration. You could use all-wooden furniture and cane sofas to go with the overall feel and look of your apartment.

To compliment this style, you can use wallpapers inspired from artwork. There are wallpapers which resemble abstract paintings or murals. Or, you could go the whole way and get wallpaper which actually has some figures outlined on it; a sea-beach or a forest, for example. There are various kinds of artistic wallpapers for people to choose from. Take your pick based on whatever style your taste is: oil-painting or water paint. Non-papered and pastel-coloured walls on other parts of your apartment could provide a good contrast to the canvas-like visuals on the walls in your living room.
There is the list of all the interior decoration trends which are going to be the toast of the season come 2017. They’re here to stay, so go and choose you pick for that neat little apartment home you have in mind. They are fun, creative and intelligent. Above everything else, they help to portray you as an individual with ideas; in the midst of a boring and conformist crowd.

8 Quick Tips to Give Your Bedroom an Instant Makeover

Are you bored of you current bedroom layout and want to give it a new look? Well, in this article, some ideas are shared that will help you to improve the appearance of your bedroom without spending much time and money. Give your home a mini makeover without breaking the bank. You can try these simple tricks and update your space instantly.

  1. Get some new window treatments

Tired blinds and curtains let down a room instantly. Replacing them can be expensive but they are worth the investment, as they add value to a home. There are a number of readymade options available that you can use cleverly in order to make a space feel bigger as well as brighter. This is a great option for people on a budget. As window treatments are generally kept neutral and are not normally focal points, adding a decorative tassel, trim or fabric panel to plain curtains can work wonders.

  1. Change your cushions

For instant gratification, all you need is to update your cushions. You can add round cushion to the mix and play with different colours, patterns and sizes. Getting new cushions is the most cost-effective and one of the quickest makeover tricks to give your room an extra charm. This will automatically change the total appearance of your room.

  1. Create a gallery wall

Not sure what to do with the spare blank wall in your bedroom? You may consider creating a gallery wall of your treasured pictures of family and friends, your favourite holiday snaps or framed prints. You can either buy a random assortment of frames in different sizes and shapes, or the same frames for a more polished look, depending on the style of your home. You can update the gallery walls with new pictures as well as prints.

  1. Choose the right lighting

Good lighting can actually do a lot to bring life to a room. If your room is poorly lit, it will look dark, small and cramped. On the contrary, if your room is brightly lit, it will appear airy, open as well as welcoming. All you need to do is to layer light at different levels. You can utilise the dark corners by strategically placing a couple of tall floor lamps and watch your room come alive. You can even replace outdated ceiling fixtures with modern lights, if your budget allows.

  1. Add some greenery

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your room is to add flowers, branches and plants. You can also make potpourri with dry flowers and other plant parts. Greenery is not only inexpensive, but also adds texture as well as natural element to any space.

  1. Apply a fresh coat of paint

To give your bedroom a makeover, you can paint it with new colours. However, painting an entire room can be daunting for some, as it takes time. You can try painting just the doors or the framing, for a quick makeover. This will not only cost less money and take less time, but will also add a focal point to the room, if an eye-catching colour is used. Or, if you want to make the space seem larger, you can opt for light colours, for example, white.

  1. Try using wallpaper

Wallpaper can be used as a great decorating tool that has the ability to completely transform a room or a space. You may consider covering the main wall behind your bed. This will look great and give your bedroom a new look. You can also use wallpapers in spaces behind closed doors, as this will brighten up those spaces. On the interior of a linen cupboard or a walk-in closet, wallpaper looks great. Generally, you will need only a couple of rolls in these spaces, and every time you open the doors, your face will be brighten up seeing them.

  1. Change the door handles

If the handles of your bedroom doors are old-fashioned, dirty and worn, it will spoil the whole appearance of your room. You may consider updating handles which is not only a simple but also an inexpensive task that can transform the look of your room.

Try these chic and amazing makeover ideas and give your bedroom a completely new look.

Safety Features to Look For in a High-Rise

Generally, high rise apartment buildings are considered to be safer in comparison to the other types of multifamily housing. They are not like low rise buildings, and also, they do not offer an accessible “run out of the door” safety route. In this case, emergency exits are used in cases of earthquakes, fires and natural disasters.

Nowadays, the number of high-rise buildings is increasing exceptionally. However, the safety features have to pass through intense scrutiny, especially by the interested buyers. A few major things are discussed below that one needs to look for, during assessing the safety features of the high-rise buildings.

  1. Material:

The high-rise building must be constructed with the materials that have the fire resistance power and not easily inflammable, for example, fire resistant covered steel, fire resistive concrete and heavy timber. Usually, the little combustible materials are used for making floors, masonry etc. But they should be finely coated with fire resistive coatings, in order to protect the building from sudden accidents.

  1. Protection equipment:

In terms of the safety of high-rise buildings, protection equipment is the next big thing that is installed there. Safety measures such as automatic extinguishing equipment, fire detector equipment, fire alarm, smoke detector and automatic sprinkler etc. are some of the basic requirements for every high-rise building.

  1. Evacuation Plan:

Evacuation plan design and implementation are the most important steps that can be taken for security purpose. There must be an unblocked emergency exit door in every floor. Earthquake drills, fire drills and safety procedures must be practiced on a regular basis. These drills are must-have equipment for the high-rise buildings. High-rise apartments should also own flashlights and safety kits.

  1. Elevator system:

In order to maintain the safety of high- rise buildings, the elevators should be separated into different banks, which serve different levels like low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise. The number of the banks can be increased or decreased according to the size of the building. This helps in lessening the number of accidents that can take place in the elevator system. Otherwise this can lead to safety hazards. Usually, the configuration of the elevators should be as followed:

Low-rise bank: These elevators serve from ground to 12th floor

Mid-rise bank: These elevators serve from 13th to 23rd floor

High-rise bank: These elevators usually serve from 23rd to the top floor

Service /Freight elevators: These elevators serve from ground to top floors.

  1. High-rise survival kit:

High-rise survival kits can also be a good option that can help you in surviving from fire. A high-rise survival kit can include a wet towel (should be placed at the base of a door), foil wrap (that can be used to cover vent openings), duct tape (can be used to place over vent openings and doors), whistle (can work as a signal for help), flashlight (in case of power failure, this can also be used as a signal for help), etc.

To sum up, it can be said safety is the top priority no matter whatever the situation is. Hence, before moving into a high-rise apartment, the owner has to assess the apartment’s rules, regulations and of course, the safety features.


Skywalk – The Latest Real Estate Trend in Kolkata

Skywalks or sky bridges are bridge-like structures which connect high-rise buildings with each other. This bridge acts as a way of going from one building to another. Generally, skywalks are used in commercial buildings like malls or office buildings. A connective bridge is incorporated into the designs of commercial buildings, so that people can move freely through the buildings, without being affected by the weather outside.

Having skywalks in residential buildings is rare, but it is seen that buyers appreciate such projects. Kolkata has never had buildings that are connected by skywalks like other cities of India. But situations took a turn, after leading real estate companies took the matter into their hands. Things started changing. With their efforts, skywalk projects are becoming a reality in Kolkata. In fact, with the enthusiasm of the buyers, skywalks are slowly becoming the hottest new trend in the real estate scene of Kolkata.

The new projects that are coming up in Kolkata are residential buildings with skywalks. These projects are incorporating a new technique that is rooftop skywalk. The rooftop skywalk that connects the buildings is an epitome of architectural finesse.

Why is rooftop skywalk such an amazing idea?

If you are wondering what makes buildings connected with a rooftop bridge so different from the regular high rise buildings, you are probably not thinking enough. Imagine your life in an apartment of one such building. You can experience the amazing view of the beautiful city of Kolkata from the roof of your building and breathe in the fresh air. Your evening and morning walks or jogging sessions cannot be more exciting than this.

Skywalks connecting buildings look magnificent, but rooftop skywalks are relatively new. Therefore, its beauty and magnificence is beyond explanation in words. The buildings with rooftop skywalks are built to upgrade the living of the buyers. Thus, the buildings have all the other necessities like gymnasiums, swimming pools, clubs, etc. If you want to enhance your living, you can do so by living in a building that has a rooftop skywalk. You will feel proud and excited to throw a house welcoming party or tell your friends and family about your new home.

Luxury with safety and sustainability

Rooftop skywalks are luxurious and beautiful. But they also have an advantage when it comes to structure. Connected buildings are considered to be safer than the single standing high rise structures. As the area of surface is increased, the strength to bear the shocks is also increased. This is because, during natural disaster the shocks are evenly distributed.

Planting green plants and grasses on sky walks that connect buildings, is a good way to make the buildings both green and sustainable. The structure of the rooftop sky bridge buildings is not only strong but also safe. This helps in enhancing the way of living.

If you buy a home in one of such buildings, which are linked through a rooftop sky bridge, you can experience the fresh and pollution-free air, while walking through the green skywalk that is on top of your building.