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School Plantation Program

Siddha Group organizes a series of plantation programs in different formal & non-formal schools in & around Kolkata. Prime objective of this program is to increase environmental awareness among the students, enrich greenery that’s getting extinct, fight against hunger that’s increasing day by day & improving oxygen that’s getting intoxicated in ubiquitous way. Following are some of the recent school plantation activities:

  1. Planted 600 more saplings in Kestopur Child Development Centre (KCDC), Emmanual Church, Kestopur.
  2. Distributed 2000 saplings amongst the school children of Kashipore Kishore Bharati Vidyalaya, Bhangar, Rajarhat.
  3. Planted 200 more fruit & non-fruit bearing saplings at OXFORD MISSION, Behala.
  4. Planted 50 fruit bearing saplings at Avenue Women’s Cultural & Social Welfare Society.
  5. Planted 40 non-fruit bearing trees in Sanat Roy Chowdhury Institution, Tangra, Kolkata.
  6. Distributed 1000 Fruit & Non-fruit bearing saplings amongst the school children in Joygopalpur Gram Vikash Kendra.