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Anti Plastic Awareness Campaign

Ubiquitous use of Plastic /Poly Bags have adversely affected the natural resources and environment of our country in direct & indirect ways. In spite of their multiple beneficial utilities from the aspects of consumers, they are causing huge pollution, and irreparable damage to the environment.

Considering 4 R’s of Waste Management Tool – ie : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover – SIDDHA-CSR has launched an Environment Protective Measure (“Refuse Poly Bag” ) since 2014 .

On the day of Kalpataru Utsav- 1st January 2017, SIDDHA Group in association with CPYWA carried out this initiative by conducting poly bag exchange program with the devotees at Udyan Bati, Cossipore, North Kolkata. During the day 25000 Eco-Friendly Bags were distributed and equivalent number of plastic bags were collected from the devotees who were carrying worshiping articles in plastic bags. Later these collected Plastic materials got disposed through KMC.