Xanadu Party


Siddha Group opened the doors of Xanadu, the first and exclusive studio apartment condominium of the city, to its flat owners this Sunday. Xanadu was created as a special home for performing artists and professionals and was therefore launched with a scintillating live concert by Ayaan and Aman Ali Khan, the celebrated sons of maestro Amjad Ali Khan. In continuation of this trend-setting path, to celebrate the occasion, Siddha played host to the first anniversary celebration of the Live in Series of concerts which are sponsored by Siddha, featuring musical performance by Tabla Maestro Subhen Chatterjee’s fusion band Karma and the Langa Manganiyars of Rajasthan. The city glitterati had a blast.

Mr Sanjay Jain, MD, Siddha Group said, “We are ready to hand over the keys of Xanadu, Eastern India’s first studio apartment complex, to the proud flat owners. To celebrate this occasion we decided to host the first anniversary celebration of Live In – the musical and performing arts project with which our organization is closely associated. The journey of the Live In Series since January 2011 has been a kaleidoscope of emotions and milestones. The Live In Series has now seen over 75 concerts showcasing many genres of music, dance and narrative musicals. We believe it is now here to stay, a part of the living heritage of the city.”

The anniversary bash promised an afternoon of wonder and entertainment as the guests lapped up the magical performances of Karma and the Langa Manganiyars.

Xanadu boasts of a plunge pool, a terrace, miniplex & lounge, café, business centre, concierge services & many more features matching the standards of New York studios. The celebration led to the opening of the apartments’ doors to its flat owners