Avail this unique offer by referring your friends and family to any Siddha property!
Once you enlist your name with Siddha Customer Care, you will get a referral book for referring a maximum of 10 people…

  • Get Rs 30,000 if your referred customer books any Siddha property

Your referred customer will be entitled our Poyla Boisakh Scheme Benefit against his/her booking of a Siddha property

To Register

P 033 4007 1500 E refer@siddhagroup.com
SMS 'refer' to 98314 02222

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Terms & Conditions

1. The scheme is valid till 30th April 2017.

2. The Registration is valid till 30th April 2017 only which is the last day of referring customer to Siddha. Any reference beyond the above scheme period will not be eligible for any offer.

3. To refer clients, the existing customer needs to email to refer@siddhagroup.com (before enquired, site visit or bookings of the new customer).

4. Post facto or any site visit / booking shall not be considered for the eligibility under the scheme.

5. This scheme in not applicable for broker bookings.

6. If an existing buyer himself / herself buys another flat in Siddha, he/she will only not be eligible for any referral benefit. He/she will be eligible only for Poila Boishakh scheme discount.

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