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  • The Spot is well located from both the main and sub roads, Greenery is also available, old trees have not been dropped, construction is also going well. The way they are challenging others with quality in price is remarkable. In my budget, I got the best and a stylish life, maybe what I dream off but didn't think I can manage, but in reality, It happened. Post-possession, it will definitely be a dream place to live.

    Monibrata Bhattacharjee
    Siddha Suburbia
  • Thank God we opted for Siddha Pines! We were provided relevant title documents. They went a step ahead by coordinating with the banking personnel to sort out any confusion regarding the legitimacy of the required paperwork.

    Mr. Hindol Lahiri
    Siddha Pines
  • Siddha Pines is the best place where my elderly parents could shift into soothing and tranquil.

    Mr. Praveen Kumar Gupta
    Siddha Pines
  • The Siddha goodwill prompted me to purchase a property at Siddha pinewoods. I am satisfied with the construction quality, ambience, land scape and location. Which property dealer provides every floor with six different flats to select from?

    Mr. Manjul Meetesh
    Siddha Pinewoods

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